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Special issue: three models of community-based participatory research Weiner, J., McDonald, J. A. 2013
Statistical methods for designing and assessing the effectiveness of community-based interventions with small numbers. Bangdiwala, S. I., A. Villaveces, M. Garrettson and C. Ringwalt 2012
Building a science of partnership-focused research: forging and sustaining partnerships to support child mental health prevention and services research. Bradshaw, C. P. and K. T. Haynes 2012
Meeting in the mist: key considerations in a collaborative research partnership with people with mental health issues. Bryant, W., J. Parsonage, A. Tibbs, C. Andrews, J. Clark and L. Franco 2012
Connecting science and practice in child and adolescent mental health services research. Chambers, D. A., B. Pringle and D. Juliano-Bult 2012
An Innovative Approach for Community Engagement: Using an Audience Response System. Davis, J. L., K. E. McGinnis, M. L. Walsh, C. Williams, K. B. Sneed, J. A. Baldwin and B. L. Green 2012
Involving patients in HTA activities at local level: a study protocol based on the collaboration between researchers and knowledge users. Gagnon, M. P., J. Gagnon, M. St-Pierre, F. P. Gauvin, F. Piron, M. Rhainds, M. Coulombe, D. Lepage-Savary, M. Desmartis, M. Tantchou Dipankui and F. Legare 2012
Community capacity building and sustainability: outcomes of community-based participatory research. Hacker, K., S. A. Tendulkar, C. Rideout, N. Bhuiya, C. Trinh-Shevrin, C. P. Savage, M. Grullon, H. Strelnick, C. Leung and A. DiGirolamo 2012
Roadmap for a participatory research-practice partnership to implement evidence Harrison, M. B., Graham, I. D. 2012
Creating a practice-based research network from scratch: where do I begin? Hayes, H. and S. Burge 2012
Partnership for implementation of evidence-based mental health practices in rural federally qualified health centers: theory and methods. Hunt, J. B., G. Curran, T. Kramer, S. Mouden, S. Ward-Jones, R. Owen and J. Fortney 2012
Uncovering the benefits of participatory research: implications of a realist review for health research and practice. Jagosh, J., A. C. Macaulay, P. Pluye, J. Salsberg, P. L. Bush, J. Henderson, E. Sirett, G. Wong, M. Cargo, C. P. Herbert, S. D. Seifer, L. W. Green and T. Greenhalgh 2012
Community-responsive research priorities: health research infrastructure. Jones, B., A. Lightfoot, M. De Marco, M. R. Isler, A. Ammerman, D. Nelson, L. Harrison, B. Motsinger, C. Melvin and G. Corbie-Smith 2012
A community-academic partnership to adapt a curriculum for people with serious mental illnesses and diabetes. Kahn, L. S., P. A. Pastore, E. M. Rodriguez, L. Tumiel-Berhalter, M. Kelley, D. P. Bartlett, E. A. Saunders and C. H. Fox 2012
The Community Liaison Program: a health education pilot program to increase minority awareness of HIV and acceptance of HIV vaccine trials. Kelley, R. T., A. Hannans, G. L. Kreps and K. Johnson 2012
Collaborative capacity building in complex community-based health partnerships: a model for translating knowledge into action. Kendall, E., H. Muenchberger, N. Sunderland, M. Harris and D. Cowan 2012
Let's Get Healthy! Health awareness through public participation in an education and research exhibit. Marriott, L. K., W. E. Cameron, J. Q. Purnell, S. Cetola, M. K. Ito, C. D. Williams, K. C. Newcomb, J. A. Randall, W. B. Messenger, A. C. Lipus and J. Shannon 2012
Students' learning as the focus for shared involvement between universities and clinical practice: a didactic model for postgraduate degree projects Ohlen, J., Berg, L., Bjork Bramberg, E., Engstrom, A., German Millberg, L., Hoglund, I., Jacobsson, C., Lepp, M., Liden, E., Lindstrom, I., Petzall, K., Soderberg, S., Wijk, H. 2012
Developing effective research-practice partnerships for creating a culture of evidence-based decision making Riemer, M., Kelley, S. D., Casey, S., Taylor Haynes, K. 2012
Community-engaged pedagogy: a strengths-based approach to involving diverse stakeholders in research partnerships. Ruben, C. L., L. S. Martinez, J. Chu, K. Hacker, D. Brugge, A. Pirie, N. Allukian, A. M. Rodday and L. K. Leslie 2012
Community-university partnerships in community-based research. Sadler, L. S., J. Larson, S. Bouregy, D. Lapaglia, L. Bridger, C. McCaslin and S. Rockwell 2012
Implementing community-based provider participation in research: an empirical study Teal, R., Bergmire, D. M., Johnston, M., Weiner, B. J. 2012
Credibility and the 'professionalized' lay expert: reflections on the dilemmas and opportunities of public involvement in health research Thompson, J., Bissell, P., Cooper, C., Armitage, C. J., Barber, R. 2012
Implementation of a panel of service users for the evaluation of mental health outpatient services. Perreault, M., J. Renaud, F. Bourassa, L. Beauchesne, A. Mpiana, S. Bernier and D. Milton 2010
The value and challenges of participatory research: strengthening its practice. Cargo, M. and S. L. Mercer 2008
Theoretical basis and program design of a school-based mental health intervention for traumatized immigrant children: a collaborative research partnership. Stein, B. D., S. Kataoka, L. H. Jaycox, M. Wong, A. Fink, P. Escudero and C. Zaragoza 2002
Knowledge transfer, policymaking and community empowerment: a consensus model approach for providing public mental health and substance abuse services. Broner, N., M. Franczak, C. Dye and W. McAllister 2001

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