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Key principles for a national clinical decision support knowledge sharing framework: synthesis of insights from leading subject matter experts(external link)Kawamoto, K., T. Hongsermeier, A. Wright, J. Lewis, D. S. Bell and B. Middleton2013
Maximizing usability of evidence in rehabilitation practice: tips for researchers.(external link)Sander, A. M., L. M. Van Veldhoven and D. Backus2013
eLab: bringing together people, data and methods to enhance knowledge discovery in healthcare settings.(external link)Ainsworth, J., J. Cunningham and I. Buchan2012
Introduction. Promoting evidence-informed practice.(external link)Austin, M. J.2012
Building organizational supports for research-minded practitioners.(external link)Austin, M. J., T. S. Dal Santo and C. Lee2012
Can the impact of public involvement on research be evaluated? A mixed methods study.(external link)Barber, R., J. D. Boote, G. D. Parry, C. L. Cooper, P. Yeeles and S. Cook2012
Knowledge translation efforts in child and youth mental health: a systematic review.(external link)Barwick, M. A., H. M. Schachter, L. M. Bennett, J. McGowan, M. Ly, A. Wilson, K. Bennett, D. H. Buchanan, D. Fergusson and I. Manion2012
The Writing Series Project: a model for supporting social work clinicians in health settings to disseminate practice knowledge.(external link)Boddy, J., M. Daly and S. Munch2012
Biology/medicine 2.0: an overview.(external link)Boudry, C.2012
Adoption of a wiki within a large internal medicine residency program: a 3-year experience.(external link)Crotty, B. H., A. Mostaghimi and E. E. Reynolds2012
Research blogging: indexing and registering the change in science 2.0.(external link)Fausto, S., F. A. Machado, L. F. Bento, A. Iamarino, T. R. Nahas and D. S. Munger2012
The guideline implementability research and application network (GIRAnet): an international collaborative to support knowledge exchange: study protocol.(external link)Gagliardi, A. R., M. C. Brouwers and O. K. Bhattacharyya2012
Knowledge translation of research findings(external link)Grimshaw, J. M., M. P. Eccles, J. N. Lavis, S. J. Hill and J. E. Squires2012
"What are health information systems, and why are they important?(external link)Hodge, N.2012
A few thoughts on evidence in social work.(external link)Holden, G., E. Tuchman, K. Barker, G. Rosenberg, M. Thazin, S. Kuppens and K. Watson2012
Designing patient-centered personal health records (PHRs): health care professionals' perspective on patient-generated data.(external link)Huba, N. and Y. Zhang2012
Application of the Knowledge-to-Action and Medical Research Council frameworks in the development of an osteoporosis clinical decision support tool.(external link)Kastner, M. and S. E. Straus2012
Collaborative capacity building in complex community-based health partnerships: a model for translating knowledge into action.(external link)Kendall, E., H. Muenchberger, N. Sunderland, M. Harris and D. Cowan2012
How does "knowledge translation" affect my clinical practice?(external link)Lang, E. S. and D. Johnson2012
Increasing nurses' access to evidence through a web-based resource.(external link)League, K., T. Christenbery, V. Sandlin, D. Arnow, K. Moss and N. Wells2012
Search filters can find some but not all knowledge translation articles in MEDLINE: an analytic survey.(external link)McKibbon, K. A., C. Lokker, N. L. Wilczynski, R. B. Haynes, D. Ciliska, M. Dobbins, D. A. Davis and S. E. Straus2012
Interventions to improve the use of systematic reviews in decision-making by health system managers, policy makers and clinicians.(external link)Murthy, L., S. Shepperd, M. J. Clarke, S. E. Garner, J. N. Lavis, L. Perrier, N. W. Roberts and S. E. Straus2012
A stakeholder-driven agenda for advancing the science and practice of scale-up and spread in health.(external link)Norton, W. E., C. J. McCannon, M. W. Schall and B. S. Mittman2012
Use of after action reports (AARs) to promote organizational and systems learning in emergency preparedness.(external link)Savoia, E., F. Agboola and P. D. Biddinger2012
Why technology matters as much as science in improving healthcare.(external link)Szczerba, R. J. and M. D. Huesch2012
Scotland's Knowledge Network: translating knowledge into action to improve quality of care.(external link)Wales, A., S. Graham, K. Rooney and A. Crawford2012
Survey explores nurses' of e-health tools.(external link)Wallis, A.2012
Exploring knowledge exchange: a useful framework for practice and policy.(external link)Ward, V., S. Smith, A. House and S. Hamer2012
Comparative analysis of print and multimedia health materials: a review of the literature.(external link)Wilson, E. A., G. Makoul, E. A. Bojarski, S. C. Bailey, K. R. Waite, D. N. Rapp, D. W. Baker and M. S. Wolf2012
Knowledge, lost in translation.(external link)Abbasi, K.2011
Collaborative authoring: a case study of the use of a wiki as a tool to keep systematic reviews up to date.(external link)Bender, J. L., L. A. O'Grady, A. Deshpande, A. A. Cortinois, L. Saffie, D. Husereau and A. R. Jadad2011
Creating a knowledge translation trainee collaborative: from conceptualization to lessons learned in the first year.(external link)Cornelissen, E., R. Urquhart, V. W. Chan, R. T. Deforge, H. L. Colquhoun, S. Sibbald and H. Witteman2011
Amplifying diffusion of health information in low-literate populations through adult education health literacy classes.(external link)Freedman, A. M., K. R. Miner, K. V. Echt, R. Parker and H. L. Cooper2011
Moving knowledge to action through dissemination and exchange.(external link)Gagnon, M. L.2011
Prospects for knowledge exchange in health policy and management: institutional and epistemic boundaries.(external link)Martin, G., G. Currie and A. Lockett2011
Guiding implementation: frameworks and resources for evidence translation.Newhouse, R. P. and K. M. White2011
Knowledge exchange processes in organizations and policy arenas: a narrative systematic review of the literature.(external link)Contandriopoulos, D., M. Lemire, J. L. Denis and E. Tremblay2010
Disseminating evidence-based practices for adults with PTSD and severe mental illness in public-sector mental health agencies.(external link)Frueh, B. C., A. L. Grubaugh, K. J. Cusack and J. D. Elhai2009
Implementation research in mental health services: an emerging science with conceptual, methodological, and training challenges.(external link)Proctor, E. K., J. Landsverk, G. Aarons, D. Chambers, C. Glisson and B. Mittman2009
Defining knowledge translation.(external link)Straus, S. E., J. Tetroe and I. Graham2009
Interventions in organizational and community context: a framework for building evidence on dissemination and implementation in health services research.(external link)Mendel, P., L. S. Meredith, M. Schoenbaum, C. D. Sherbourne and K. B. Wells2008
Improving knowledge about mental illness through family-led education: the journey of hope.(external link)Pickett-Schenk, S. A., R. C. Lippincott, C. Bennett and P. J. Steigman2008
Health research funding agencies' support and promotion of knowledge translation: an international study.(external link)Tetroe, J. M., I. D. Graham, R. Foy, N. Robinson, M. P. Eccles, M. Wensing, P. Durieux, F. Legare, C. P. Nielson, A. Adily, J. E. Ward, C. Porter, B. Shea and J. M. Grimshaw2008
Knowledge translation in international emergency medical care.(external link)Arnold, L. K., H. Alomran, V. Anantharaman, P. Halpern, M. Hauswald, P. Malmquist, E. Molyneux, B. Rajapakse, M. Ranney and J. Razzak2007
Public health considerations in knowledge translation in the emergency department.(external link)Bernstein, S. L., E. Bernstein, E. D. Boudreaux, C. Babcock-Irvin, M. J. Mello, A. K. Kapur, B. M. Becker, R. Sattin, V. Cohen and G. D'Onofrio2007
Cognitive and social issues in emergency medicine knowledge translation: a research agenda.(external link)Brehaut, J. C., R. Hamm, S. Majumdar, F. Papa, A. Lott and E. Lang2007
Informatics and knowledge translation.(external link)Bullard, M. J., S. D. Emond, T. A. Graham, K. Ho and B. R. Holroyd2007
Keynote address: Closing the research-to-practice gap in emergency medicine.(external link)Clancy, C. M.2007
Development of the capacity necessary to perform and promote knowledge translation research in emergency medicine.(external link)Dayan, P. S., M. Osmond, N. Kuppermann, E. Lang, T. Klassen, D. Johnson, S. Strauss, E. Hess, S. Schneider, M. Afilalo and M. Pusic2007
Graduate medical education and knowledge translation: role models, information pipelines, and practice change thresholds.(external link)Diner, B. M., C. R. Carpenter, T. O'Connell, P. Pang, M. D. Brown, R. A. Seupaul, J. J. Celentano, D. Mayer and K.-C. T. I. Members2007
Bridging science to service: using Rehabilitation Research and Training Center program to ensure that research-based knowledge makes a difference.(external link)Farkas, M. and W. A. Anthony2007
Bridging the gap between clinical research and knowledge translation in pediatric emergency medicine.(external link)Hartling, L., S. Scott-Findlay, D. Johnson, M. Osmond, A. Plint, J. Grimshaw, T. P. Klassen and M. Canadian Institutes for Health Research Team in Pediatric Emergency2007
The knowledge translation paradigm: historical, philosophical, and practice perspectives.(external link)Hedges, J. R.2007
Executive summary: Knowledge translation in emergency medicine: establishing a research agenda and guide map for evidence uptake.(external link)Lang, E. S., P. C. Wyer and B. Eskin2007
The development of the Academic Emergency Medicine consensus conference project on knowledge translation.(external link)Lang, E. S., P. C. Wyer, B. Eskin, C. Tselios, M. Afilalo and J. G. Adams2007
Knowledge translation at the macro level: legal and ethical considerations.(external link)Larkin, G. L., C. J. Hamann, E. P. Monico, L. Degutis, J. Schuur, W. Kantor and C. S. Graffeo2007
Knowledge translation of the American College of Emergency Physicians clinical policy on hypertension.(external link)Lehrmann, J. F., P. Tanabe, B. M. Baumann, M. K. Jones, Z. Martinovich and J. G. Adams2007
Knowledge transfer and exchange: review and synthesis of the literature.(external link)Mitton, C., C. E. Adair, E. McKenzie, S. B. Patten and B. Waye Perry2007
Effective synthesized/preappraised evidence formats in emergency medicine and the use of supplemental knowledge translation techniques.(external link)Rowe, B. H., B. Diner, C. A. Camargo, Jr., A. Worster, A. Colacone, P. C. Wyer and M. Knowledge Translation-Consensus Conference Theme Ib2007
Evidence-based reviews and databases: are they worth the effort? Developing evidence summaries for emergency medicine.(external link)Wyer, P. C. and B. H. Rowe2007
Toward evidence-based quality improvement. Evidence (and its limitations) of the effectiveness of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies 1966-1998.(external link)Grimshaw, J., M. Eccles, R. Thomas, G. MacLennan, C. Ramsay, C. Fraser and L. Vale2006
Assessing country-level efforts to link research to action.(external link)Lavis, J. N., J. Lomas, M. Hamid and N. K. Sewankambo2006
Systematic reviews and knowledge translation.(external link)Tugwell, P., V. Robinson, J. Grimshaw and N. Santesso2006
What's the rush? The dissemination and adoption of preliminary research results.(external link)Woloshin, S. and L. M. Schwartz2006
Implementation of clinical guidelines on physical therapy for patients with low back pain: randomized trial comparing patient outcomes after a standard and active implementation strategy.(external link)Bekkering, G. E., M. W. van Tulder, E. J. Hendriks, M. A. Koopmanschap, D. L. Knol, L. M. Bouter and R. A. Oostendorp2005
Active ingredients in anti-stigma programmes in mental health.(external link)Pinfold, V., G. Thornicroft, P. Huxley and P. Farmer2005
Development of a framework for knowledge translation: understanding user context.(external link)Jacobson, N., D. Butterill and P. Goering2003
The extent and determinants of the utilization of university research in government agencies.(external link)Landry, R., M. Lamari and N. Amara2003

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